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    Hello all,

    Below is a detailed list of the MythciMC rules. Any violation of these rules will result in punishment. Punishment is up to staff discretion of the matter.

    Chat Rules:

    Be respectful to each other and staff.

    • Do not direct profanity at other players, and do not use profanity excessively.

    • Do not share inappropriate content for children, such as racial or sexist slurs.

    • Do not discuss inflammatory topics such as religion, or political views.

    • Do not Dox ( share private information of another person )

    • Do not impersonate any players or staff, even as a joke.

    • Do not harass other players.

    • Do not make hate speech towards others about their religion, race, color, ethnicity, political views, etc.

    • If you are being a negative person in our community we have the right to remove you at our disposal.

    Use chat respectively.

    • Do not come on the server to spam an advertisement for a server.

    • Do not spam characters in chat. Yes, the space bar counts as a character.

    • Do not use all caps.

    • No inappropriate item names, nicknames, etc.

    • English only in main chat.

    Follow what staff say.

    • Listen to staff. When there is an issue, let staff handle it.

    General Rules:

    Do not use cheats or unfair advantages.

    • Using Xray, Killaura, or any types of hacks is an unfair advantage and will result in punishment.

    • Do not use scripts, macros, or anything that gives an unfair advantage that are /not/ approved. Make sure to go through a staff member first with a macro.

    • One player one account, do not use alt accounts.

    Play nice.

    • Do not scam another player.

    • Honor verbal agreements.

    • Do not exploit glitches.

    • No tp killing, trapping, etc. anywhere.

    No griefing in any world, at all.

    • If you didn’t place it, don’t break it. This accounts for anything, in any world.

    • Make sure to build at least 8 chunks away from other players, or 128 blocks away.

    • If you have found a spot you would like to build, and there is someone’s place near there, staff may remove it, if they have been inactive for > 3 months.

    Approved Mods

    • Optifine

    • Texture Packs ( That don’t give an unfair advantage, like xray )

    • Minimaps

    • Inventory Tweaks

    • 5zig

    • Schematica ( Not print mode ) [except for skyblock]

    • Gamma

    • Crafting macros that do not exceed 15 CPS. Go through a staff member to see if it is applicable.

    • BetterFps

    Rules ONLY for Towny :

    • You may only use the resource world for gathering materials. If found not using the resource world, you will be punished.

    • Do not overclaim towns, this is not allowed.

    • Town mayors are allowed to set town rules as they’d like, but they /must/ abide to the server rules.

    • Town mayors may remove builds in a town, but must give a player a 48 hour warning, so they can handle what they need to handle.


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